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  • [English] Introduction to Shanghai DAHON 日期:2016-03-13 09:42:40 点击:597 好评:4

    Welcome to Dahon folding bicycle Shanghai Brand Shops, Our dahon folding bicycle shops are distributed in several districts of Shanghai, you can choose the nearest shops to appreciate and know more about dahon bicycles. Since 2003,Shanghai...

  • [English] Dr. David Hon and DAHON Folding Bikes 日期:2014-09-06 17:03:01 点击:410 好评:0

    Dr. David Hon and DAHON Folding Bikes Brilliant physicist with a green streak Dr. David Hon has always been eager to discover how things work. His family immigrated to the USA from Hong Kong when he was nineteen years old, and he was able...

  • [English] Our Philosophy 日期:2014-09-06 17:01:49 点击:338 好评:0

    Our Philosophy Conquering the Roads with Foldable Green Technology DAHON was founded on a vision of green mobility, a form of transportation that not only serves to keep people healthier, but also preserves the environment for the next gen...

  • [English] DAHON's history 日期:2014-09-06 17:00:00 点击:418 好评:0

    The DAHON Story No Future without a Path: Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation When Dr. David Hon, one of the leading experts in laser technology, decided to leavethe spacetrade behind him and focus on green transportation for everyone, his...

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